Moleskine Volant

I just bought these teeny tiny Moleskine Volant notebooks (both black ones) at a Barnes & Noble. It’s the Black Moleskine Volant Ruled Pages 2.5″ x 4″ – Set of 2.  Initially, I didn’t really stop to think what I would do with them, but later on I realized that they could be rather useful. Normally, I only buy Moleskines when there is isn’t an Exaclair product substitute (such as the Moleskine Ruled Reporter Notebook or the Large Sketchbook). I found this little specimen to be a rather interesting addition to my collection of notebooks and journals.

When I first used the notebook, it was hard to operate; it wouldn’t lay flat and the first page was awkwardly creased. On top of all the nuisances, the pages and cover smelled odd; there was some weird chemical odor that I couldn’t pinpoint that wafted off every single page. Nonetheless, it was still a pleasure to write on despite the fact that it was hard to keep open. I don’t think I’ll use this too often, but the ‘fine’ stationary, neat size, and handy detachable papers (which is essentially the only reason I bought this) may be important to me in the future. Yet, in reference to the detachable pages, there is something called a Post-It Note. The fact of the matter is that although I am the type of person who spontaneously comes up with ideas on the go, I tend to write them in my reporter notebook or my journal rather than in a cute and chic Moleskine Volant. Nevertheless, this is a truly interesting item and you would be ‘asinine’ (I’ve come to really enjoy this word) to not bother to try it.

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  1. You posted a link to this on the fountain pen network, so I expected to read observations in connection with using the volant with fountain pens. I am thinking of buying some for just that purpose.

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