Stay Tuned for Upcoming Reviews!

I’ve recently returned from a trip, and I have a great many notebooks and fountain pens that are just dying to be reviewed. Over the next couple of weeks, you’ll definitely see a lot of posts coming… so stay tuned!

Future posts may include any, or maybe even all, of the following:

  • Clairefontaine Basics Notebook
  • Rhodia Webnotebook with 90g paper
  • Apica Original Notebook 7″ x 10″
  • Lihit Lab Twist Ring Notee
  • An assortment of dollar store Japanese stationeries
  • Quo Vadis Equology Daily Planner
  • Pilot/Lamy Fountain Pens
  • and possibly more to come!

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School Supplies

For some odd reason, the time of the year when I am most academically stimulated is right after my finals. For example, I scavenged double copies (saves my back!) of my Spanish textbooks, Precalc textbooks, and already purchased my American History and Chemistry textbook for next year.  I know, it sounds like a lot of fun. But in all reality, whenever I buy new school supplies or textbooks, I always feel so eager to just jump in, be extremely neat and organized, and just study and work away the nights… but it never ends up that way. One of the planners that I bought for next year was the red Quo Vadis Equology Textagenda. 


I found this to be rather interesting, having owned a previous Quo Vadis Scholar Planner. Apparently, the entire Textagenda is ecologically friendly, with all parts of the planner being recycled, not just the paper. The Textagenda is comprised of 85% recycled material while still maintaining 90 g alkaline/neutral paper. The paper is actually very high quality, compared to other recycled ones, but it’s not as smooth or white as other Quo Vadis or Clairefontaine stationary.  Nonethless, this is expected with recycled stock.

I also recently plopped down $11 on a teal and orange Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook. I really like how it’s not stapled, which pretty much minimalizes the creasing. However, the first and last page that are attached to the cover and back pages are always a pet peeve of mine; you pretty much can’t use the first or last pages. Clairefontaine is not only famous for its luxuriously smooth and white paper, made from environmentally controlled forests, but also its renowned cloth binding, which matches the cover. I bought my book Ruled, as I plan to take notes with it in one of my classes, of which will be special just because of this notebook. There are 5 sizes, I bought large, and there are 96 sheets (well really only 94).


Clairefontaine Clothbound Notebook


And finally, before I bid adieu to you on this very first post of mine (yay!), I bought one last thing online. A Moleskine Reporter 3.5 x 5.5 Ruled. I know. The dreaded, but famed, Moleskines have somehow managed to persuade me enough to buying one of them. Alas, it was ONLY because… 1. B&N has an online deal of paying $10 for free shipping… 2. I received a Gift Card as an award (will elaborate later)… and 3. Because I somewhat feel as if I need to repay my lovely school newspaper back with a gift to my profession.

So, this year, after toiling away at my lowly job as a freshman worker on the school newspaper, I managed to send out more than just a few articles, especially front cover articles. In the end of the year, I was given an award, a gift card to B&N, and was promoted to a head position on the editorial staff! Snag! So, I feel as if I should repay my kind fellow staff members by working even HARDER next year, and possibly even presenting a more ‘official’ role with more ‘luster.’ So I wanted to buy a reporter notebook, instead of writing on backs of wasted print offs.

Originally I really wanted to purchase the Live Inspired Reporter “Why Not’ Notebook, since it was only $8, had great paper quality, and even had an interesting quote, neat tidbit, on the botom of each page. Neat. Real neat. Too bad it’s kind of under the covers and not really that promoted, so not only can I not find it in many big name stores, let alone small shops, but their shipping kind of outvalues the Moleskine… oh well!


Well, I’m off to living my life some more. Expect to see me soon, and remember, take notes on this!

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